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Leadership always starts with selfleadership. Always. The process of envisioning and realization through others starts with knowing what you want in life. The moment of having a plan that fits you makes it easy to consistently push your executing efforts. Better yet, putting everything together and let go – will effortlessly give you what you want. Rob helps you to get your plan, vision and skills to the next level.


Every life comes with obstacles, motivation, interaction with other people, future dreams and quite a bit of development. It is up to you to get to know yourself, so you can make the most out of life. Want to know more about knowing yourself? Check out www.challenger365.com to see more about the tools Rob uses to support you.


What is taking you to your core more than working with passion? And by that I mean your effective, full of self appreciation, creative, compassionate and massive day-to-day ACTION TAKING. There are no excuses, there is no in-between. Cannot does not exist when you live what you are, love what you do and get energized every day by the choices you make.


In a great life there is room for more than one peak state, or one peak moment every day. It is full, maybe even packed. With everything that comes in life, good or bad.

Yep, let’s face it… it’s not all great. Shit happens to the best of us. It is about how you deal with it. And about balance. And about energy. Live that life!


Rob can bring out the best of you, and helps you develop the rest
It all starts with leadership

We all, we are one. All, one. But more importantly, we are unique, and very much ourselves. That paradigm is important for any leader, and offers great solutions in many leadership dilemma’s and problems.

From the one thing we all are, and share, a lot of extremes spring off. Good and bad, light and dark, heavy and light. Those extremes are often, if not always, opposites that complete each other. This also is important for any leader, and offers great solutions.

Knowing what you want sets everything at work, and makes everything work hard for your goals. Of all things, that may be the one thing to know and do for any leader. It does not even seek solutions, it makes effortless value creation an everyday routine.

  • Knows the way in your head

  • Body and mind, harmony and dynamics

  • Develops and helps forward

  • Target oriented, adaptive style

About Rob

+31 6 11799129 - robtevelde@beleeff.nl

Rob te Velde

Partner in your development
Rob is the founder and owner of Beleeff. More importantly, for many leaders he is the partner in their development. His style is full of passion, friendly and creative.


Center for training and services
Beleeff is short for three Dutch words:
‘Beweging’, which means Movement, or dynamics
‘Leiderschap’, obviously translates as Leadership
‘Effect’, the same word as in English. Beleeff is Rob’s training and development company.

Pathway Engine

Adaptive strategy development
The Pathway Engine is a structured approach to get clarity about your goals and strategies in the uncertainty of the world as we know it.
Because a lot of leaders struggle with defining the future and deploying their strategy, The Pathway Engine is an important part of Rob’s toolkit.


Lock your new knowledge
WIth the Challenger365 you have no excuses to fail yourself again in taking the newly learned knowledge into action.

Use Challenger365 to build habits that support your dreams and goals. Easy, efficient and engaging.

One Life

Life strategy
You only have… one life. So why not live it to the fullest? Discover your mission in life, describe your visions on how you want to accomplish your mission. Develop a clear path towards success and results. You take responsibility for your life and career. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Personal motives

Your inner being unraveled
However sometimes found hard to read, most people interact with the world around them in quite predictable ways. That is, when you know them well enough. To learn to know yourself better to understand more of the interactions with others as well as to understand yourself better, do a personal drives analysis and have it explained to you by Rob.

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